Ryan Gallagher

A popcorn machine for your home

There is no one in this world who is capable of resisting delicious popcorn. Whether at a fair, at the cinema or simply in the comfort of your home. Although previously microwave popcorn had a great popularity, appeared the machines to make them adapted to everyone’s kitchen. But let’s learn a little more about them. 

A popcorn machine is an artifact used to create popcorn. Generally we find industrial versions of this machine in fairs, parks and cinemas. One of the most popular snacks around the world. 

Before the existence of the popcorn machine a basket a metal wire was used to make popcorn.  

This way the corn grains exploded, although most of them were burned. Until the day that Charles Cretors created the Cretors machine that toasted corn with lard, oil and salt. Charles, not being happy with his operation, improved it, until he got a steam popcorn machine. This was able to make the famous popcorn with butter. All this by the years 1893. They lacked 77 more years so that in 1970 appeared the machine of popcorn of domestic use. 

Some of the advantages offered by these popcorn is how easy and fast we can have our Snack. There is no need to buy the popcorn bag popcorn or the harmful microwave popcorn. There are even models capable of making flavored or caramelized popcorn. A product for snack lovers. 

Since 1970, when the popcorn machines arrived in our homes, they have been created in different designs. They have even been improved to function differently. In this opportunity we want to show you characteristics of the machines that use air or oil to make popcorn.  

  • Air PopCorn Machine: These use hot air (steam) for the grains to explode. They do not need to use oil. The popcorn falls directly into the bowl due to the functional design of its